Affect and Exchange

Anthea Behm, Chto Delat, Patricia L Boyd, Sean Dockray & Liang Luscombe, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, curated by Benison Kilby.
Kings ARI, Melbourne, 2016.

Affect and Exchange is an exhibition that addresses the relationship between economic exchange and subjectivity within the shifting social institutions of capitalist society. It brings together a group of international artists, using a range of media to explore the current social and economic system and its emotional impact. Its title is borrowed from an essay by contemporary artist, Melanie Gilligan, and the works all bear witness in their own way to the intersection between affect, bio-politics and capital. Encompassing painting, photography, video and printmaking, the works examine the medical industry, psychiatry, the police force and architecture. Since the 1980s, theorists such as Foucault, Guattari, Lazzarato and Berardi have designated the production of subjectivity as an important contemporary political problem and one that might indicate an exit from the current political impasse in which we are caught. The exhibition attempts to set this theoretical and political issue into productive dialogue with the artworks, not only to highlight the way that artists are addressing it, but also in order to raise the question of what role art can play in creating new forms of subjectivity.

Investigating the amount of rent paid by art institutions and cultural workers, Sean Dockray and Liang Luscombe have created a Real Estate Survey. Their phone work delves into the history of ‘rent stress’ and how it relates to other forms of stress, whether psychological or material.

Presented is a new TELEPHONE survey work, this one have been developed from the information given by those that undertook the last survey: turns out that 83% of artists/arts workers in Melbourne, that conducted the survey live under rent stress.

Remember thats a free call as we know you are already stressed.

Liang luscombe

Liang Luscombe & Sean Dockray, Real Estate: the Rent Stress Survey, 2016, installation view.

Liang luscombe

Liang Luscombe & Sean Dockray, Real Estate: the Rent Stress Survey, 2016, telephone survey, variable duration.