Slippery Spit, 2016, HD video, 02:02.




Tripping over the canvas, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 100cm. Photo credit: Matthew Stanton

A tall painter
Liang Luscombe at Salon

Heidelberg Artists Trail
Yarra Flats Park, The Blvd
Ivanhoe East 3079
Victoria, Australia
Melway 32 B6

Situated alongside the Yarra Flats component of the Heidelberg Artist Trail, Melbourne-based artist Liang Luscombe presents a series of outdoor paintings, which speak to the historical narrative that has been built around the looming figures of the Heidelberg School of the 1890s. Collaging and contrasting newspaper cartoons, exhibition invitations and photographs of the Melbourne that these artists inhabited, Luscombe contemplates the lineage and myth-making surrounding painters such as Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and Frederick McCubbin in relation to conceptions of the figure conducting plein air. In this way, A tall painter not only sits alongside but also speaks alongside the Heidelberg Artist Trail – a walking trail that physicalises the chronology of the Heidelberg School through its bordering landscape – reactivating it as a place to reflect on questions surrounding the construction of cultural histories in Heidelberg; and in Australian painting more broadly.

The opening will include three guided walking tours of the exhibition, taking place twice per hour. Food, drinks and shelter provided.

The location is also accessible by car (with parking available at the site), or you can catch Bus 903 towards Mordialloc from Heidelberg train station, which will arrive at the park in ten minutes.

Map available here

This project has been developed with Isabelle Sully for Salon, in collaboration with Simon McGlinn.